"Naturally-derived, clean beauty products that never compromise results by using mother nature’s most effective elements that meet edible-grade quality. "



Our salt is the highest quality on the market — truly so good you could eat it! Comprising less than 5% of the ocean’s salt, gray sea salt earns its light coloring by absorbing nutrient-rich minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium from the earth’s clay. It is harvested in South Korea from the mudflats of Shinan, and boasts 3x the mineral content of other salts. In our products, these salts are refined in size to be gentle on skin, and was chosen for its unique ability to soen and clear the skin’s impurities while infusing it with naturally-concentrated, nourishing minerals.



Charcoal has a unique ability to pull pollutants from the skin and entrapping them to be washed away for a gentle and natural detoxification. Our premium charcoal is extracted from the extremely renewable resource bamboo, requiring no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for growth before being pulverized at 800° F to produce a fine powder that's 4x more porous and small enough to deeply penetrate into our pores and adsorb impurities. Not only superior in terms of environmental impact, bamboo charcoal poses lower risks of irritation for those with allergies or sensitivities compared to wood charcoal.

100% PURE


Extracted from 5,000 feet below the deep sea of Dokdo Island in South Korea, our essence toner is infused with 72 types of natural minerals in concentrations 8-10x greater than that of regular seawater. Mineral Ions are 1/2000 - 1/5000 the size of our pores which allows for deeper penetration in order to best deliver the nutrients our skin needs.

Our Story

In a time of expansive routines featuring layers of chemical interactions, Kosette SALT is back-to-basics. We have researched and pinpointed the earth’s most potent ingredients in order to do more with less. Vegan and never tested on animals, our formulas are powered by gray sea salt, bamboo charcoal, and the deep sea water of Dokdo Island that is naturally-derived, edible grade, and packed with an all-star ensemble of minerals to give you an experience that never compromises results. 


They love us

Eric Jennings
Men's Fashion Creative Director, NYC

"I love how the Scalp Scrub leaves my head feeling tingly and the Facial Scrub cleans my pores (you can even taste the Gray Sea Salt on your tongue!). All the Kosette products that I've used smell terrific and look chic too."

Joomi Lim
Jewerly Brand CEO, NYC

"I especially love the hair scalp salt scrub. I mix a bit of it with my shampoo... and it absolutely feels divine afterwards. My head feels super fresh and like feather!

Eglantine Imbert
French Model, NYC

"I love the smell of this scrub it smells like vacation !!! I really got a smooth effects on my skin.the charcoal makes it fun ,you actually can see the grain and get a perfect skin in a few times used."